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Organizational Communications

Send a Message Relay

Members of an organization with messaging permissions can select members on the organization's roster based on the following two dimensions:

  • Position
  • Memberships

Note: Your selected recipients will need to ensure that they have the proper Engage notification settings to recieve your communications.

To Send a Message through Email:

  1. Go to the Organization Tool Menu.
  2. Select Roster.
  3. On the top-right corner of the page, select Messaging.
  4. Select Create Relay.
  5. From here, you may select positional recipients or specific members as recipients.
  6. Enter the title and subject of your relay.
  7. Select Generate; this will provide you with a "Relay Address."
  8. Copy the Relay Address and open your email to compose an outgoing email.
  9. Enter the Relay Address into the recipient box and type your message. This email will be delivered to the selected members of your organization.