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The Roster Tool

Roster Management

The Roster tool provides you with the ability to manage positions for the organization. With the Roster tool, you can:

Everyone on the roster is a “Member” of the organization. This means they will see events and news that are only visible to organization members, and they will receive all correspondence that is shared to organization members.

Organizational Communications

Members of an organization with messaging permissions can message members on the organization's roster. Recipients can be selected from two different dimensions:

  • Position.
  • Memberships.

This means that you can select individuals within the organization or groups of people based on their organizational position to receive a message.

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Inviting Members

In order for your rosters to remain accurate, you will want to invite new members to your organization's Engage page.

Doing this will allow members to interact with your organization on Engage by:

  • Staying up-to-date.
  • Receiving Organizational news.
  • Receiving Organizational messages.
  • Finding points of contact.
  • Learn more about your organization.

Learn how to invite new members to your Engage page.

Remove Members

Similarly to inviting new members, organization officers can remove members that are no longer in the organization from the roster. 

Doing this helps:

  • Keep your roster accurate.
  • Provide meaningful timeframes to your members' co-curricular transcript.
  • Allow for easy recipient-selection while sending organization relays.

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Manage Pending Memberships

Similarly to how you can invite others to join your organization, potential members can request to join.

Learn how to manage prospective memberships for your organization.