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Organization Tool Menu

Accessing the Organization Tool Menu

The Organization Tool Menu allows you to create and manage content for your organization. Access the Organization Tool Menu by switching to the Manage view and selecting the organization you would like to manage.

1. At the top left-hand corner, underneath the Engage logo, you will see the name of the organization next to a menu icon.
2. Select the menu icon to open up the Organization Tool Menu. You may only see certain tools in the Organization Tool Menu for the particular organization you are managing. The tools you have accss to are based on your position within that organization.

Available Tools

The Roster Tool allows you to manage membership positions within the organization. From there you can:

With the About Tool, you can update some of your organization's basic details, such as the profile photo, organization description, or the summary for the organization's directory, contact information, and social-media links. If you are adding links to social media pages, make sure they are set to public. If you are adding a Facebook URL, make sure that it leads to a group page. Links to personal profiles will not display on your page.

It's important to keep your about section up to date and accurate because it is what other Engage users will see when viewing your organization's profile. Be sure to update this section often or as information changes.

The Events Tool allows you to create and manage your organization's events. Submit an event request, or manage an individual event, including inviting attendees, tracking participation, or changing an event's details.

Learn more about Events!

The News Tool allows you to keep your members up-to-date on all of your latest news. With a format similar to a blog, members can view a quick summary of the msot recent news or drill down to view the full contents of each post. To view News in your organization, navigate to your organization's publiic page and scroll down until you see News posts listed.

Learn more about News!

Photo Gallery: 
Photos are a great way to show off the exciting things that your organization is doing! The Photo Gallery helps you create a more visually-appealing organization homepage. Your gallery photos will be showcased at the top of your organization's public-facing page.

Note: To add photos to an organization's site, a user must hold a position that has Photo - Full access.

To add photos to your organization's gallery:
1. Open your Organizational tool Menu and select GalleryIf you are adding photos to an existing album, skip to Step 3.
2. Select Create New Album. Select Preferred Settings and Create Album.
3. Click on the title of the album you would like to add photos to.
4. Click "Add Photos."
5. Select the file(s) from a saved location and include a caption, or drag and drop multiple images from your desktop into the upload area.
6. Select Upload All.

Note: To feature a photo, select Edit Photo and then select "Set as Featured Photo."

The Documents Tool allows you to create a shared storage space for important organizational files such as constitutions, or rules and regulations. You can share these files publicly, or only with certain members or position holders within your organization. To upload files to your organization, you must either be the Primary Contact of your organization or an officer with full access to Documents.

Use the Forms Tool to move any of your organization's paper forms into Engage.  Use forms for sign-ups, interest forms, applications, and more! Engage offers you convenient methods to create forms with personalized access and reviewer options. Different types of forms offer advanced functionality, and all forms are easily discoverable aross Engage.

Learn more about Forms!

Organization officers have the ability to create elections within their organizations, either for the entire community to vote on, or exclusively for organization members. To create an organization-based election, follow these instructions.

The elections process can be confusing, so remember to reach out to Engage Support if you need assistance.

Service Hours
Depending on the type of organization that you are in, you may have the ability to manually submit service hours that you would like to associate with a specific organization. These service hours can be included on your co-curricular invovlement record, allowing you to showcase your involvement in an organization or in the wider community.

Note: You must be a member of an organization in Engage in order to apply service hours to that organization.

Learn more about Service Hours.